HISTORY Caballero Zúñiga was founded in 1918 under the name Roberto Zúñiga y Cia. by Mr. Roberto Zúñiga Lozano. In 1967 Mr. Rosendo Caballero González obtained the first Custom Broker license (#16) for Roberto Zúñiga y Cia.. Mr. Caballero González founded the Association of Mexican Custom Brokers of Nuevo Laredo (Asociación de Agentes Aduanales de Nuevo Laredo - AAANLD) and was president of the organization spanning many years (1940/1941-1953/1955-1959/1974). He was also cofounder of the Confederation of Mexican Custom Brokers Associations (Confederación de Asociaciones de Agentes Aduanales de la Republica Mexicana - CAAAREM). Mr. Caballero González was head of Roberto Zúñiga y Cia. until 1969. In 1970 the second generation of Custom Brokers took responsibility. Héctor Raúl Caballero Zúñiga, under his own license (#624), took control of the company in 1980 after the death of his father, Rosendo Caballero Gonzalez. Mr. Caballero Zúñiga then led the company for 35 years, throughout his tenure the company changed its name to Caballero Zúñiga y Cia. S.C.. Currently the company is led by Maria Guadalupe Ramos Mendiola (License #1541, Authorization 3902). She is the third generation of Custom Brokers providing the utmost service that clients have been guaranteed for over 90 years. Caballero Zúñiga has a long history of excellence, distinguished professional service, and three generations of Custom Brokers. Caballero Zúñiga has kept true to its roots as being a family owned business "Serving World Trade with Excellence."